About Export Base

National Auto & Parts Export Base (Shanghai) & Shanghai International Auto Products Trade Center

As a key project of the Export Base, Shanghai International Auto Products Trade Center has received great attention and vigorous support from municipal, district and town level government. It enjoys preferential policies with respect to rental, operation and human resources, and welcomes companies and institutions engaged in trade, exhibition, R&D, training, and automotive-related financial services.

The Export Base is building the Shanghai International Auto Products Trade Center, attracting international first-class auto and parts suppliers, incubating auto industry cluster, and expanding the scale of the industry. The Export Base currently has over 200 suppliers including world-class companies such as Delphi, Johnson Control, Lear, TRW, and Bosch. In 3-5 years, it plans to establish a large global auto products purchasing center, trade center, and pricing center with international influence, along with an auto products public service platform capable of providing a complete range of services, including experiment and test, certification, logistics, public information, and training. It intends to achieve scale in the export of national branded passenger vehicles, light vehicles and special vehicles, and enable auto parts producers to enter the global purchase system, while maintaining its lead position in the R&D, production, and export of new-energy cars.

Organizations that have already moved in:

  • Shanghai International Auto Parts Sourcing Center
  • Auto Parts Chain Co., Ltd
  • Gasgoo International
  • Shanghai Automobile Human Resources Service Center
  • Quality Management Center of Verband Der Automobilindustrie
  • Sino-US Automotive Exchange
  • Shanghai R&D Center of Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze GmbH

  • EonShanghai Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd

For more information, visit http://www.sh-ckjd.cn/EN